Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home

Aug 16, 2017 (0) comment

Buying a home is the best decision for investing your valuable hard-earned money that’ll make your life better. Most people begin their bachelor lives living in a rented house or an apartment. As they progress in their careers, saving money, and starting a family of their own, they may choose to buy a new home. Some people think that renting is much better than buying a home, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Owning a home gives you a lot of benefits. Let’s unfold why buying a home is much better than renting.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a home.

1. Renting Is Expensive

Buying a home stays with you forever, whereas renting a house is just temporary. Nowadays, renting a house has also become much more expensive than owning one over time. There’s a rise in housing rent every year and you’ve no choice but to pay it. Your landlord has the authority to raise your rent every year unless you have a good rapport with him or her, and that may not even work.

2. Affordable Housing Options

When you buy a house you become the owner. You don’t have to pay rent every month to your landlord or be restricted by rules. A mortgage loan is the best solution for buying your dream home. A mortgage lender will help you identify the most suitable mortgage loan. Consider consulting a mortgage loan officer by filling out a mortgage application form online. Chances are they’ll get back to you with a mortgage loan that best suits your financial needs. You can reap the benefits of affordable housing options from mortgage products that offer a variety of low- to no-down payment options.

3. Your Home Is an Asset

Your home is your most valuable asset, so you should own it rather than live in a rented house for a lifetime. The value of your home doesn’t reduce with time the same way as your other prized possessions, like your car or motorcycle. It has a certain amount of fixed equity as long as you take care of it. Your home’s value can actually increase with time. You can potentially boost your home’s value by making small improvements, renovations, and upgrades in your bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms.

4. Potential Source of Income

Buying a home can become a potential source of income by renting out your property. It can also help you in paying your insurance, mortgage, and taxes. Buying a house is the smartest move. It’s much better to pay a mortgage loan interest every month instead of paying monthly rent on your rented house. Plus, after your loan term is over, you’ll become a proud owner of your new home.

5. Freedom to Modify Your Home

When you own a house, you have the freedom to modify it. You don’t need to ask your landlord before screwing a bolt or drilling a wall. You can paint your children’s room wall with orange, red, blue, or pink, whichever color they like! You can also remodel your home, change the flooring, install customized lights, or include graffiti. You can even take down a room’s wall to make room for a studio or even sound-proofing.

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