Drew Mortgage Adjustable Rate Savings Program

This program is designed for our clients to help them save thousands of dollars over the term of their loan. The Adjustable Rate Savings Plan Program Works as follows:

You will obtain a mortgage at a low adjustable rate for a short period, usually either 3 or 5 years. Drew Mortgage will refinance your property prior to the interest rate adjusting. The goal is to maintain a low average rate and not allow the rate to adjust upwards. You pay mostly interest at the beginning of a mortgage, so we are educating you that it is in your best interest to keep the rate low, and not just pay interest.

Drew Mortgage charges 1 point of the loan amount as a one-time fee plus closing costs. This fee is only charged to clients who enroll in this plan. The fee is tax deductible on a purchase and may also be tax deductible on a refinance. All successive refinances will be subject to the Drew Promise, our exclusive No Points/No closing cost program. You should review the Drew Promise for all applicable guidelines pertaining to the program.

Why pay for 30 years of Stability by taking a fixed rate when you will not be in the house for a long period of time? The savings can be used to pay down principal or invest your money.

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