Partners: Win - Win!

Banks don’t like to turn away motivated borrowers and realtors don’t like to disqualify eager buyers. Sometimes a customer’s financial profile just isn’t compatible with a loan. Drew Mortgage wants to offer your customers alternative financing options that may convert loan rejection into approval for qualified borrowers. By referring your customers to us, you can increase your sales and build customer loyalty at the same time.

If you are a:

  • Banker
  • Realtor
  • Collection professional
  • Credit issuer
  • Business with customers who are not getting the financing they need

Then you might benefit from a partnership with Drew Mortgage.

The Corporate Employee Program

Drew Mortgage Associates has developed this unique mortgage program exclusively for employers to offer their employees. We make it easy by coming to your office, with your approval, to do applications any time that will complement your employees’ work schedules. When convenient, closings may be scheduled at your place of business. Depending on your needs, as an employer, we can schedule individual appointments, conduct group seminars, or even create an in-house presence on a weekly basis. We know that a home is both your employees’ largest asset and highest monthly expense. Drew will recommend the most appropriate and economical program for each employees individual needs. With your employees’ permission, we can review credit reports at no charge, and offer complimentary, no-obligation mortgage reviews. With Drew, your employees may gain the knowledge that can allow them to save thousands of dollars throughout the term of their mortgages.

If you’re interested in receiving offering benefits to your employees and would like to become an official partner, send us an email at or call us at 1-877-949-3739.


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