Important Tips for First Time Home Buyers in MA

Important Tips for First Time Home Buyers in MA

May 05, 2016 (0) comment

A home is a special place, and we all have a mental picture of our perfect home. Besides which we all have ideas about what a home must include and things that we do not care for. To make sure you do not regret any decisions later, a little bit of research and homework is a good idea.

No matter how excited you are about a particular house – remember these: 5 Important Tips for First Time Home Buyers.

1.Security: A very important and frequently overlooked item – make sure all windows and doors are in good order, secure and have adequate locks. Ask about the neighborhood especially if there is only one street parking, check for street lights, side-walks and winter parking regulations.

2.Do some Research about the Location of the House: Consider the access to your workplace, stores, Dr.s, things that are important to you, schools etc. Don’t forget to find out what the traffic is like at different times of the day, is it a busy or a quiet location? Is it children and/or pet friendly? Make a list of amenities that are important to you and rate each one. This will allow for easy comparison.

3.Create a Detailed List of what You Want: Be very specific about even the smallest details. Include the obvious, kitchen, living space, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms, but also their desired location, first or second floor etc. Don’t forget number of closets, access to basement and attic, the floor plan, type of heating, A/C, laundry, town water and sewer etc. Talk with your real estate agent about your specifications.

4.Find and Talk with an Expert Mortgage Lender/Company: Planning your budget is the first step towards defining your financial objectives, the amount you can afford to pay for a house and determining the loan amount you will need. This can be a daunting task, thwart with apprehension and anxiety. Working side by side with a local mortgage lender who can advise you is well worth the investment.

5.Choose the Right Type of Home Loan Program: There are a large variety of first time home buyer programs in Massachusetts for first time home buyers. Deciding which one is your best option will be key to your success accomplishing stress-free financing and finding your perfect home. Guiding you to the right home loan program is where your mortgage expert will come handy.

Loan service specialists at Drew Mortgage Associates in Massachusetts are experienced in navigating the various home loan programs available. They will help with all the financing details and help you find your perfect home as well.


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