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Why you should buy a home this year?

Apr 15, 2021 (0) comment

Living in a home that’s yours is a wonderful feeling. You feel most happy, secure, and lively as you can finally decorate the home that has your vibe. A home adds a lot more than just financial security in a homeowner’s life. Most people were all set to buy their dream home, and the pandemic happened. It brought lots of trouble for homebuyers more than just financially. The slow official documentation process, mortgage approvals, and more made the homebuying experience super-slow. 

Being one of the mortgage lenders in Massachusetts, we did our best to keep the process hassle-free for homebuyers. However, lots more factors are contributing to the final home keys handover. Things are back to normal ( at least in terms of real estate operations). At Drew Mortgage, we recommend you make a smart move and buy a home this year. Are you looking for reasons? We’ve listed it out for you. Let’s check out!

You Need Space!

Living with the new normal isn’t as easy as it may sound. Most probably, you are working from home, and so maybe your family members. Your home cum office has started feeling like a congested space for all your daily chores. Trust us; we need to learn with the new normal. However, no one is telling you to compromise on space. Now is the right time to get set and buy your new home. With more space, the interior of your choice, you will enjoy your eat.sleep.work.repeat mode in this new normal. 

Paying Rent Is A Headache

We agree renting is a good option when finances are your concern. However, renting comes with lots of terms and conditions. You cannot customize your home as per the needs; your major earning goes into paying the landlord. Your money does not get invested; instead just helps increase your landlord’s equity. Buying a home can put a brake on all these unwanted factors associated with home experience and finances. Enough of delay; now is the time to gear up and begin your search for an ideal home. 

You Have Great Savings!

Buying a home requires money. You may say we will opt for a mortgage. However, it is always advised to pay at least 20% of the property amount as a down payment. Drew Mortgage associates can help you with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans that require less than 4% of the total down payment and many other mortgage options. If your savings are significant, consider buying a home soon. Property prices are ever-rising; it’s all about buying as quickly as possible.

Good Credit Score

Your credit score matters a lot when it comes to buying a home with the help of a mortgage. A low credit score homebuyer often pays more down payment and higher monthly installments than a homebuyer with a good credit score. So, if your score is suitable for home buying, seize the opportunity and buy a home. Get ready to avail the benefits of maintaining a credit score for years.

EMIs Are Easy For You

Let’s assume that all your savings were used in the downpayment of your home. Analyze your finances. If you can afford to pay monthly mortgage installments along with your monthly expenses and some savings, it’s time to make a move. Buy a home, shift with your family to the newly owned home. This will cut down your renting expenses and help you live life in your way. Wahoo! It will be the best decision of your life!

Maintenance Is In Budget

The expenses of maintenance fall on the shoulders of the homeowner. It could be a monthly maintenance expense paid to the township or expenses for your countryside apartment. Taking this factor into count is essential when deciding to buy a home. If you feel things are under control and can maintain your home, this is another reason to invest in your home.

Let’s turn your dream home into reality this year!

Most of the above reasons why you should buy a home resonates with your current situation? Wahoo! It is a perfect time to invest in a home. Most of the homebuyers are resuming their search for a perfect home this year, and you should too! Are you worried about mortgage assistance? Drew Mortgage has got your back. We are one of the best Massachusetts Mortgage Companies providing hassle-free mortgages to home buyers. If you are all set to begin the home buying process, get in touch with our associates today!


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