why prefer buying a house in winter

Why Prefer to Buy A Home In Winter?

Oct 11, 2019 (0) comment ,

The housing market cools down as winter arrives. However, it is turning out to be the best time for the home buyers to buy a home. There are several factors for people to prefer winter for the house hunt. Let’s look at the factors one-by-one.

Less Competition

You will get less competition in the market during winter. Less competition means you are less likely to participate in the bidding. Bidding often pushes home buyers to bid higher out of their comfort zone. Homes that you were not getting a chance to even look at may sit idle for days, weeks, or months. 

More Breathing Room

When there’s less competition for buying a home, you can take time to think before buying a home. When the market is hot, you need to move fast and make quick decisions if you don’t want to miss the home buying opportunity. However, in winter, fewer people are looking for a home. So you can get a feel of the new home, plan whether it fits the need of all your family members, convenience, and then make a decision.

Motivated Sellers

It’s cold outside, and people are busy with holiday family gatherings. Homeowners who want to sell their homes don’t prefer to move in winter. However, some homeowners want to sell their home for need. These type of motivated owners are ready to sell their home quickly. They quickly agree to the mutually agreed concessions.

More Room for Negotiation

When people are eager to bid and buy a home, you need to be careful when asking for any offer. Whereas, when there are fewer home buyers in the market, sellers are open to negotiation. Seller is likely to accept the offer you asked for in winter. However, don’t get overconfident and ask for too much as you may lose a good deal on negotiation. 

Smoother Process

People don’t consider winter as the peak season for home buying. It makes the complete home buying process smoother. Agencies or vendors involved in the buying process are less busy. As the buyers are less, the mortgage lenders in MA will make the process quicker. However, due to weather and holidays might affect the process.

Though house-hunting in winter is not pleasant, it is worth buying a home. You cannot get better opportunities in the peak season than winter. So, get started with the house hunt. As a top-rated mortgage lender in MA, Drew Mortgage Associates will take care of your mortgage process.


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