Questions To Ask While Selecting A Mortgage Lender in MA

Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Mortgage Lender in MA

Mar 03, 2017 (0) comment

Picking up the right mortgage loan is crucial for buying your dream house, which makes picking the right mortgage lender equally important. With a lot of mortgage lenders available for your service, it is quite easy these days to get baffled while picking up the one who can give you justice. Remember that picking a lender who merely quotes the lowest price is not the correct approach.

These are some pointers that can help you assess your options. The next time you book an appointment with your lender ensure that you ask these questions.

What Mortgage Types Do You Offer?

Ask about the varieties and types of loans that they offer – they may differ in duration, interest rates, payment type, etc. Ask whether they can offer a loan which will be feasible for you and how it justifies your requirement.

How Does Your Mortgage Application Process Work?

Enquire about their mortgage application procedure including the average time, estimated fee structure, loan requirements that you need to adhere, etc.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Loan Application?

Understand their home loan application procedure and know the time limit taken to process the application.

What Documents Do I Need?

Check the list of documents you’ll be required to submit, their deadlines, and the procedure for submission.

Will I Even Qualify For A Mortgage If I Have Bad Credit?

This is an important to ask to maintain transparency with your mortgage lender. They may be able to give you alternate options for your bad credit history.

What Kind Of Experience Do You And Your Team Have?

Proper communication with your mortgage lender is important since you’re dealing with something that will create an encumbrance on your finances. Enquire about their experience, team, and expertise.

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