How to Use a Mortgage Loan Calculator

Jan 12, 2017 (0) comment

Taking a loan is a big step. Buyers have to gauge various factors before choosing the mortgage plan that satisfy their needs. This is where a mortgage loan calculator comes in handy — with the help of the right calculator, you can make some quick decisions to assess financial requirements. This blog will cover how to properly use a loan calculator.

Below, we’ve listed the four most important variables in a mortgage loan calculator. If you don’t know what to type in for one of these variables, don’t worry – you can actually figure it out if you know the other three:
– Term
– Loan amount
– Payment
– Interest rate

Drew Mortgage is a leading name in the field of mortgage lending with a team of experts who can guide you through the mortgage loan application process. You can use their mortgage calculator to determine requirements for both purchasing and refinancing a home.

– Purchasing
A purchasing calculator will help you determine the estimated monthly installment (EMI) you’ll be paying.

– Refinancing
The refinance calculator helps you measure your refinance options, i.e. the amount of money you can save by opening a new loan and closing a previous one.

– Payments
This is a crucial calculator that helps you determine the total amount of money you’ll have to earn to take care of loan expenses, which includes EMI, taxes, and additional fees, if applicable.

These convenient online mortgage calculators can compare various mortgage options and give you a reasonable estimate about your future financial obligations. You can access these loan calculators on Drew Mortgage’s website through the following link:

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