Planning for mortgage free retirement

How to Plan For a Mortgage-Free Retirement

Jun 24, 2019 (0) comment

House ownership has always been one of the symbols of the dream of USA citizens. Usually, having a house symbolises financial consistency and a dependable retirement. For many people, having a house is the biggest investment in the financial portfolio of a family. But how will you make mortgage payments after your retirement?

There are many smart ways of retiring with no mortgage. We have listed down a few approaches to help you plan beforehand. Based on your financial state, these ways might help you enjoy good days with less financial worries.

1. Refinance your mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage to a lower rate for a greater or similar time span is an assured way to reduce the bill on your home loan. You can enjoy lowered monthly payments and fewer burdens on your bank account. But this is not enough to let you enjoy a mortgage-free retirement. You will have to move to a shorter-term loan for paying off your mortgage early through refinancing. You can contact Drew Mortgage for this purpose.

2. Make additional mortgage payments

Some money added to your mortgage payment can save thousands of dollars on interest to help you enjoy your retirement period. This tactic is to get small methods of reducing household costs so you can apply those modest savings towards a mortgage.

3. Move to a cheaper location

Can’t find a precise place at an affordable rate for retiring in your hometown? Then, retire somewhere cheaper. You will definitely need to sacrifice but you will make up for financially. The best locations for retiring integrate enough activities with reasonable real estate. And relocating to a cost-effective location will enhance the odds that you will not require taking out a new mortgage.

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4. Downsize to a smaller house

At the time when you should enjoy a simple life, do you really require an individual dining room, a formal living room, and 2 spare bedrooms which you never use? If no, then think about downsizing to a smaller house in a similar area so you don’t have to leave your family, friends, and community.

5. Pay off high-interest debt first

In case the interest on every credit card loan or any other loan is higher than the interest payments of your mortgage, you might ponder paying off those outstanding debt products first.

6. Make an emergency fund

According to some financial advisers, every homeowner needs to keep a savings fund in reserve which is equal to at least 6 mortgage payments for their need of the hour.

Make All Retirement Dreams Come True with Drew Mortgage

In case you dream about a mortgage-free retirement, the ways mentioned above can make it a reality. Take these small steps today to lead to big progress. Take some time to measure your financial options and make a rock-solid plan for you. Stay in touch for a shorter-term loan to refinance your mortgage or for mortgage consultation. We would be happy to help you make the most informed decision possible!


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