Mortgage Process: Getting Pre-Approved For A Mortgage

How to Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage?

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Preapproval is a crucial step involved in a mortgage loan process, which involves verification and analysis of your credit standing by gauging your assets & liabilities. A preapproval is quite different than a prequalification process, since the latter is quite simple and merely involves a temporary assessment of your finances, sometimes, even at no cost.

What Does ‘Preapproval’ Mean?

Preapproval means assessing your finances to judge your ability to bear a loan. By giving you preapproval, a lender gives a commitment to finance your mortgage loan. Thus, preapproval is a legitimate, written document that vouches for your financial ability and eligibility for a loan. Please note that preapproval is different than prequalification, since the former is a valid proof with an undertaking by the lender to finance your house, subject to certain terms & conditions.

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Does Preapproval Increase My Chances of Getting a Loan?

Yes, getting a preapproval increases your chances of receiving a loan. You can consult with your mortgage officer about various types of loan programs available to suit your needs.

Why Should You Get Preapproved?

When you’re baffled about how to proceed, sometimes all you need is patience. A local vendor will be available to answer your questions. Given his experience with the local authorities, it will be easier to take a trip to his office and get your answers.

What Details Are Required in the Preapproval Process?

Every lender has its own set of standards involved in the preapproval process. Typically, a lender will require information about your financial history.They might require a credit report to gauge your credit worthiness. Once satisfied, they will give you the preapproval, subject to conditions as required by the lender.

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