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An FHA Mortgage Loan in 2018 – Do You Know How Much You Can Borrow?

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There’s no definite answer to this question for many reasons, but there are things you need to know about an FHA mortgage loan to understand how much you could borrow to buy a home.

The County Sets The FHA Loan Limits

Whatever the reason, skipping monthly payments is a choice people don’t make lightly. Foreclosure can impose serious damage on their credit. It will also make getting another home loan impossible in the short-term. Skipping one or two mortgage payments doesn’t mean foreclosure is on the way, but skipping payments can have lasting effects on your credit and finances.

County's FHA Lending Limits vs. FHA Loan Calculators

The FHA loan calculator can help you know the amount you may be qualified to borrow, but it’s imperative to understand that such loan calculators may let you know how much you may be qualified to borrow instead of actual loan limits for your area, which vary based on the town and county.

FHA Loan Limits Cannot Guarantee the Loan Amount

Some borrowers go through the list of FHA home loan limits and realize that the homes they intend to purchase do not cost as much as the FHA home loan limit’s amount. They would like to apply for a home loan up to the amount of the limit thinking they will take the remainder of the loan as cash. This will not work with an FHA mortgage since borrowers are not allowed to take the cash back on forward loans except for FHA cash-out refinance loans and when money is paid via escrow for approved construction, rehab, and others. Usually, for non-reverse mortgages and FHA cash out refinancing, the FHA loan proceeds can work for approved purposes and refunds are narrowed down to repaying the buyer for things paid for in advance in cash, however, afterwards added to the loan amount. Sometimes, a cash payment may be allowed to the people who refinance an FHA mortgage, but these are subject to FHA regulations and only allowed for a limited time.

The Full Loan Amount for FHA Refinance Loans

The full loan amount for an FHA refinance loan may rely on many factors, such as how long you were a homeowner, the actual FHA loan case number date where applicable, whether you’re buying or inherited the property to be covered under an FHA loan, and more.
Those who are applying for an FHA loan for natural disaster victims are eligible for more lenient maximum loan terms based on loan-to-value (LTV) ratios and other aspects. However, these loans are only applicable to those with properties in federally announced natural disaster areas.

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Speak to a loan officer to understand what the highest loan amount is for a refinance loan where you live.


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