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Home Remodel Trends for Fall 2018

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Home remodeling trends are currently changing at a rapid pace because of the downturn in new residential construction. It is predicted that the home renovation market will grow considerably over the next three years. You can breathe life back into your house by adding your own personal touch; there is a lot to be inspired by in current renovation trends.

As a homeowner, if you are looking to update your home’s décor, it’s almost inevitable that you will want to go with a modern interior design style. Updating the aesthetic appeal of your home will not only increase its overall value, but also offer you extra comfort in your everyday life. If you are a busy homeowner, knowing where to start with your home renovation project can be challenging. Whether you are building a new house, renovating a whole room, or just looking to make some upgrades throughout your home, below are some of 2018’s most amazing home trends.

1) Sliding Interior Doors
Many homeowners are now choosing to replace with traditional hinged doors with sliding interior doors, which consumes much less space. Whether they slide inside walls or just outside, these doors add functionality while still maintaining your privacy. Moreover, they can be installed in glass or stainless steel.

2) Color
Adding color has become a popular 2018 home trend. After years of living in homes colored in whites and greys, homeowners are looking for rich, saturated color for kitchen appliances, cabinets, furniture, decorative items, and more. Blues and greens, in particular, can be seen on walls, doors, and even window frames.

3) Luxury basements
Luxury finished basements that include amenities such as a bar, bathroom addition, sitting area, and a simple dining area can be improved with rustic additions to their decor.

4) Master suites
Remodeling a master suite can be expensive, but it instantly makes a house unique. Investing in a master suite can be highly profitable. Modern master suite concepts spin around open space and luxurious additions. All of these home addition trends ensure that time spent at home both relaxes you and makes your life easier.

5) Natural wood
Natural wood offers a calming and grounding tone for peaceful feel. Wood is growing in popularity in many aspects of home design. It is used to accent the main features in a room. Natural wooden mantles can match almost any color scheme you choose. For example, a staircase can be made entirely out of wood, and still not seem out of place in almost any room.

6) Metallic finishes
Interior metallic finishes offer a clean, industrial look. They have a unique quality that conveys both style and strength. The natural light from metallic finishes can brighten up a room. Metallics look great around fireplaces, bathroom elements, and even furniture arms and legs. Cool metallic finishes can complement warm colors, providing a modern, sophisticated look to your home.

7) Outdoor fireplaces
An outdoor fireplace can make a patio into a great living space in which to enjoy mild weather and relax. And adding a fireplace outside is one way to update the look of your home without having to remodel interior walls.

8) Connectivity
Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways. We can make our lives easier at home as well. You can control the thermostat from your phone; clap your hands to turn off the lights, etc. Do a little research to find out what you can afford and upgrade your home based on your technology preferences.

On the whole, you will probably find that there are many avenues through which you could bring your own creative style to your home this fall. Study home styling or décor catalogues for different textures, colors, and elements for your home that stay within your budget. Your renovations don’t have to be expensive—even a small change can often create just the kind of relaxed environment you want.


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