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What’s The Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates?

Jan 08, 2019 (0) comment ,

Rising mortgage rates changing purchasing power is not surprising anybody these days. Recent research data shows how much actual monthly mortgage payments are rising around the country. As rates rise at the rapid speed, we also witness them playing a huge role in affordability and narrowing down the buying power in certain markets.

As per study, the average U.S. monthly mortgage payment has jumped considerably since last year. When the top 20 largest markets are combined, there is more than 67% of the incremental payment increase in rates. This is a huge change from the last season where rates accounted nearly half of the payment increase.

We can see the number has varying impacts market by market across the country. The cities like New York, and Boston noticed a hike in monthly mortgages. The monthly mortgage payment increase is because of a specific area’s housing prices. Petersburg area holds the bottom spot on the list. All these reflect rapidly rising home prices.

There has been a huge impact on the borrowers due to rising rates. People are paying more attention to the rising rates. People with annual income issues and lower down payments may be affected by the impact more than others. If anybody holds a tight budget and qualify, they will need an extra annual income to secure a mortgage now or buy a small house. However, there are experienced mortgage lenders in Massachusetts, New York, and other parts of the country who can guide you through this situations.

Mortgage rates have been steadily rising for the past two years. Rising interest rates are biting the budget of the buyers more than they thought. With rising mortgage payments eclipse home-value gains, the prospective home buyers should understand whether it is necessarily a good time to buy a home. The bad idea would be trying to time the housing market, like trying to time any market. It is crucial to keep track of home values and interest rates and plan your budget and shouldn’t base decisions on those changing targets. You cannot risk with a home, because it is the most valuable asset that most people will ever own.

On the whole, the right time to purchase a home is always when the time is right for an individual buyer. Approach a good and experienced mortgage lender in Massachusetts for planning your mortgage and guiding you at every step of the way.


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