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Benefits of Refinancing Your Current Mortgage

May 20, 2020 (0) comment

Are you balancing your finances with your current mortgage?

The changes in the current financial scenario across the world are drastic. The sudden halt in the economy due to coronavirus outbreak has real impacts. Though it will take time to restart, the uncertainty of income is high for all. People are exploring ways to stay in the game. The lockdowns are resulting in severe losses. In such a scenario, you must check if your current mortgage is working in your favor or not? If not, refinancing is the smartest option right now. 

Refinancing amidst Coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, we are suggesting you opt for refinancing soon. There are good refinancing options available right now. There are chances that you will lose good deals if you think about it more. Mostly down the years or even months, the scenario will change, and getting exclusively low-interest rate options will be difficult. Your current mortgage needs an update if it is becoming a load on your financial goals. Most of the unrest is due to the Covid-19; however, controlling the situation will take time. You must not harm your finances until that time. Act on it.

Let’s talk about the Refinancing benefits during Covid-19.

Top 5 benefits of refinancing your current mortgage

  • Lower Interest Rate 

Yes, refinancing can get you a lower interest rate as compared to your current mortgage. Mortgage providers often offer the best/smaller interest loan to new clients. Mostly the mortgage rates would have dropped since the last time you took the loan. Even the rise in your credit score will be an advantage to get refinance done quickly. 

  • Decrease Loan Term

Borrowers can save lots of money with refinancing. It can help you to pay off your existing loan faster. A fixed refinance mortgage assures that your monthly payments are of a fixed amount. If you wish to shorten the loan term, be ready to pay more in a short time. Likewise, longer-term mortgages help in secure monthly payments. Refinancing can be smartly used to shorter loan term without increasing the monthly mortgage rates. 

  • Less Monthly Payments

When the interest rates of your refinance are low, your monthly payments reduce significantly. It is possible that your monthly refinancing payment becomes much more affordable as compared to the current monthly payment. Even if your refinancing term remains the same as of the existing mortgage, it is still a smarter deal to save on monthly payment. All thanks to the interest rates that are lower for refinancing. The covid-19 market depression is bringing a refinancing mortgage plan with lower interests. Make your mind soon and save big on your monthly payments and use that money for other investments.

  • Build-up Equity Advantage

It is very clear that the property rates are ever-rising. No matter where you purchase your home, it will be an asset for you. The cost of the house at the time you took the loan and today’s property value can have a difference for good. Your mortgage provider may refinance you a lower interest due to home equity. Basically, it is a difference between the current property value and the remaining loan amount. The build-up equity amount that you get through refinancing can be used for your next investment or financial plan. 

  • Combine your loans

Yes, there are pretty good chances that you owe loans other than a home loan. Refinancing can help you to finish those extra burdens of the monthly payment at one go. In most cases, personal loans or loans from credit cards have higher interest rates. Consolidate your loan in your home loan to relax your financial burdens. It is easy to do that. You can connect to Massachusetts mortgage companies or others to help you with loan consolidation. 

Refinancing is always a good option. In such unprecedented times, it is of utmost importance for you to save your money by different means. The burden of the monthly payment can be reduced, you can get a refinance at lower interest rates, merging it with existing loans is possible, and build-up equity can bring some easy money to you. With many advantages of refinancing and increasing COVID-19 impact on us – physically & financially, think about it soon. The savings that you can do with refinancing may help you in the future; if the coronavirus conditions go entirely out of control. 

There are many mortgage providers who can help you in refinancing. Drew Mortgage can also provide different refinancing options on your first time home buyer programs in MA. Get in touch with us and explore your avenues to financial gains during coronavirus spread. We are always happy to help you. Even in this corona outbreak, our mortgage plans are available for clients. All you need to do is just connect to our executives to proceed with the refinancing soon. 



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